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Apr 07


Hi BABYz, anyone selling 2 tickets for the DC concert? I want to buy two tickets (near each other) anywhere in the venue! Please message me if you are. 

Mar 21

Goodnight Inspirits! <3 <3 <3

It was really fun hanging out with yall on youtube, tumblr, facebook…. It was my first time seeing Infinite live and I am happy to share the moment with everyone! Take care of yourself and don’t spazz too much tomorrow! hehe

Is the live stream press conference part 1 over now?

I need to sleep now. Got work tomorrow. But I don’t know if it’s over? I heard there’s another one at 9PM Korean time?

Those chairs look super uncomfy. lol

Poor boys. Why dont they just give them a big couch so everyone can snuggle? hehe

Mar 20

I wish I can understand what they are saying but nevertheless I am entertained!

Did sungjong say he never had a first love? and then sungyeol laughed? lol I don’t speak Korean but it looks like it! 

LOL everyone looks to the leader to answer questions. hehe Gyujiji!

Inspirits, can you still hanging on?

woollim shoulda just play Man In Love when they are loading the live streaming. that way they can brainwash the song in our minds rather than this weird Tom and Jerry music. lol I CANT WAIT ANY LONGER! 

Inspirits stay strong!!!



Watching Ranking King to kill time. haha

OMG have you inspirits seen this????

May 12

Traveling Hang Zhou - like a BOSS

Traveling Hang Zhou - like a BOSS


AHHHH in 5 days I will be heading home. Finally settling down? I have no idea. I will go where the wind takes me. :P

Just came back from Hang Zhou today. It was a fun 3 day break. Too bad I had frequent moments of sadness thinking that I will leave everything behind once again. 

This past year has truly been a surprise. I don’t think I can use words to describe it. Well, maybe “awesome” would, but it’s still an understatement. 

It just make me quite regretful that the most amazing people I met were those in transit. Those whom I will be leaving or had left already. I wonder how come I didn’t have those intimate relationships for the first 3 years of college. I know now that I am capable of meeting many great people and forming friendships, just by being who I really am. But I guess a few years ago, I didn’t have that much confidence. So it didn’t work out it way I wanted it to. But now, well, it’s just sad thinking about it. Those are 3 years that I would never get back, you know?

However, luckily, I am merely an optimist. So I will not think of those three years as something lost and regretful, but rather something that furtheremphasized how amazing the last year was in comparison to the past. 

I am still young, and so is the world. 

The future is welcoming and I can just see myself continuing this “awesomeness” for the time being. 

I am pretty happy. And I can’t stress how happy I am just being happy.

Apr 16


           我认为我的母亲就是一位典型的成功者。 一个人要成功,他必须得脚踏实地地过着每一天。我的妈妈就是一步一个脚印地,平平凡凡地生活着。就因为这点,她永远会是我心中最成功的人。

           小时候,我的妈妈不仅仅有非常好的学习成绩,她的自我能力也很强。又是班长,又是学校体育课的代表。 在四个兄弟姐妹的家庭中,我的妈妈虽然是老二,但她扛起了很多责任。 当父母努力的上班赚钱时,妈妈一直保持优秀的成绩,也同时照顾家里所有的人。她经常帮忙买菜,烧饭,和打扫。 因为她的责任心很强,所以自然而然地也对任何事态度很认真,很稳重。 每当家里遇到困难,妈妈就会挺身而出,冷静地解决问题。 她从来没有要求父母给她买物质用品,因为她非常体谅父母的经济情况,也很心疼他们的辛苦。

            长大后,因为妈妈懂得人与人之间的互相理解,也善于与他人合作,她在公司里的位置也快速地晋升。 虽然她的职位只是一个会计经理,可是基本上所有公司的职员遇到麻烦都会征求她的意见。 只要公司职员之中互相出现摩擦,我的妈妈就会耐心地调解关系,把矛盾快速地化解。在加上她一贯信守诺言, 说到做到,所以最后被公司和家里都认为是不可或缺的人物。 到了美国以后,虽然妈妈的英文是从零点开始, 可是她依然怀着积极的心态,时时刻刻地问我解释英语单词,牢牢地把握住所有的机会去学习英语。

             归根到底,我的妈妈就是我一生最钦佩的人。 她一直是个平凡的女人,可是她总是每分每秒不断地奋斗, 用乐观的态度去看待一切。 经过了无数的大起大落,她还能以宽容的胸怀善待一切。我希望我能像她一样从挫折中站起来, 勇敢地面对人生中的恐惧与障碍。 我要学会怎样像妈妈一样出人头地,,从平凡走到成功。

Korea, 2012

1) Gangnam clubbing/bars

2) Myungdong shopping

3) Dongdaemun shopping

4) Gyeongbokgung and Deoksugung

5) Insadong shopping

6) Hondae shopping + Hongik University 

7) Lotte World