I know it’s kind of late, but I was busy with all the finals and whatnot so I did not have time, nor the mood to update on my Costa Rica experiences. Blame it on the ship administration for assigning FINALs the very NEXT day after Costa Rica. Anyway, so basically, we had 2 days in Costa Rica, Sunday and Monday. It was really gorgeous there, very sunny and hot but right next to the ocean/beach. There was nothing near where we docked in Puerto Caldera. It was all big trucks and dark streets. So we had to take a shuttle bus that only fits 15 people the most. Talk about having 700+ people trying to get out to Puntarenas by the shuttle when there is only 1 shuttle every 30 minutes that fits 15-20 people. Anyway, so that wasn’t that fun but luckily lots of private tour companies took advantage of us and offered us rides for only $3.00/person. hehe. So I spend the first day going to the zipline/zip wires in the hills and forests. I gotta admit I was kind of scared at first but after getting harnessed and all prepared, I was so pumped up for the zip line. We ended up doing EIGHT different ziplines and one of them was the longest - 550meters long. It was soooooooooo much fun!! I did scream a little bit at the beginning because I did not expect to slide so quickly at first. But it was super fun and I tied my camera to my chest so it can tape all the scenery. During the 2 particularly long ones, I held the camera in my hands and got a pretty good view of the river down below. Overall, it was super cool. I also got to practice my Spanish with the locals out there. Costa Ricans are so funny and nice. living the “pura vida”. Basically pura videa means literally “pure life” and the locals use it for EVERYTHING, from “hello” to “what up” to “thank you” to “everything’s fine”. I think over the entire 2 days I spoke “pura vida” more than 100 times! hehe. Anyway, after ziplining, we still had some time so we went out to Puntarenas by shuttle bus and hanged out by the beach. There really wasn’t much to see since it was a Sunday so we just walk along the sand with the waves crashing on to us and tried local “shaved ice”. It was pretty good. Then we came back and ate on the ship. After I waited for Siqi to come back from her SAS trip, we and Audrey and Aubree headed out by ourselves. Us 4 girls didn’t really expect Puerto Caldera to be THIS creepy. There was absolutely NO lights on the streets. It was a long walk, 20 minutes or so, outside the port gate. IN COMPLETE DARKNESS. It was quite freaky at first because we kept thinking we would get attacked since it was just 4 girls walking, but it wasn’t bad. We talked and walked until we saw a restaurant. We had a few nice smoothies there and met a local with his daughter and son. The little girl was so cute so we played around with her a bit. The guy was so nice to us that he paid for our drinks without telling us!! After we talked with him and told him where we are from and he told us he travels around the world selling cars, he even offered to give us his car so we can drive around ourselves. We were so shocked that people like him actually exists, just give random strangers their car. haha. In the end, right before we pay for our bill, he secretly paid it himself! When we found out from the waiter, he was so embarrassed that he hid his head in his arms. So sweet!! We just keep meeting nice people every where!!! So we got him to exchange contact info with us and took a picture with him and his family. Then we just walked around at night to find a local grocery store and then walked all the way back to the ship. But this time we know we are safe and so we enjoyed the night.