On the 2nd day in Costa Rica, we headed out first thing in the morning to Puntarenas. Aubs and I just hanged out by the beach, drank yummy Costa Rican coffee, shopped at the stands beside the beach, walked to grocery stores and bought local snacks, and ate delicious food at local Costan Rican restaurants. It was quite a relaxing but surprisingly interesting day. I met even more locals that second day. One of them is a stand seller named AB who makes leather bags to sell to tourists. He was quite nice and welcomed us to talk when we bumped into him to shop. When we asked him for directions to local grocery stores, he asked if we could get him a bottle of water. When I brought it back to him, I told him not to worry about the money, so he gave me a cute little leather coin purse in exchange. He is so sweet. Aubs and I also met another guy named Kevin, who is from San Hose, Costa Rica and who is an amazing artists! We spend quite some time speaking Spanish to him on the beach while he drew beautiful pictures on the sand with a stick!!! He has absolutely incredible imagination and actively interacted with his art works. He drew angel wings and we both lied down on the sand so we can be angels. He also drew a huge monster with teeth and stuck his arm in the mouth to make it look like he was slaying the monster. Pretty cool. So the last day in Costa Rica went by pretty chill, hanged around under the sun. Nobody wanted to go back to the ship and start studying for finals! We had 3 days until Honduras, the very next day being A Day Finals and then free day as we hit the Panama Canal and then B Day Finals. It was quite an intense period of time.