Last night on Semester at Sea!! I am so going to miss everyone and everything. It’s not even funny how sad I am right now. We had a closing ceremony tonight, sort of a like graduation ceremony. We had the captain, the deans, and student and faculty representatives all speak. There were also a few people, 10 or so, graduating this semester so we held a diploma ceremony for them to congrats them on their successful college career. ALSO, I know I usually don’t brag about things, but I GOT a 4.0 GPA on the ship!! I totally did not expect it because Marine Biology is the hardest course on this ship. Just this morning, Dr. Boudrias emailed us students telling us that 2/3 of the class got Bs on their lab notebooks (which is just a simple journal over the course of this journey). So I thought I was screwed if I can’t even earn an A on an easy assignment. BUT obviously I got an A in that class if I made straight As!! The Voice called a list of names out this afternoon, and I was on it. I completely thought that I was going to be randomly chosen for the drug test. BUT turns out that I am only 1 of the 15 people on this ship who got ALL As! And there are 455 of us students in total. What is even more interesting is that 5 out of the 15 people are from UVa. haha. I was quite shocked. In addition, the straight A groups can get off the ship early with the 1st Sea to get off. I was so happy and proud!!! The closing ceremony was just so wonderfully moving and amazing! I love everyone on this ship and the faculty and staff and crew are just plain awesome people. It’s unbelievable how there are people like them existing in this world. The ending slide show with photos of us almost moved me to tears, but they just wont come!!!!! hehe